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Doing It All On Wheels!

Something you take for granted when you have a roller derby skater write the script is that you have to figure out a way to shoot the roller skating scenes! If we had a big time budget, this probably would have involved some camera sleds or other devices to allow the camera operator to glide effortlessly around the action. Thankfully though, our Cinematographer could roller blade (we only made fun of him a little bit)!

Tony was a good sport for skating on the track with the skaters, braving pace lines and jam packs with the best of them! Fortunately, we were able to edit out all of his huffing and puffing: two back-to-back days of skating is tough when you're carrying a very, very expensive camera.

We really wanted to capture some fun and innovative shots for the movie, so as you can see in the photo above, this sometimes called for some team work. The result of the camera rolling on skates is that the movie that not only captures what it's like to experience roller derby, it puts you right there on the track with the skaters!

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