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Shooting A Movie During A Pandemic

We wanted to make a movie, then a pandemic happened. We decided to make the movie anyway.

Making a movie is a monumental task, and to try and do that when a global pandemic is upending everything that is normal makes it seem almost a miracle. With the balls already in motion, we decided that the pandemic was going to provide many challenges to the project, but also opportunities.

Everything about the shoot was crafted to ensure the utmost safety for the crew and cast.

With the entire feature set to be shot in just eight days, we not only didn't want anyone to get sick: we couldn't afford it! In order to keep everyone safe we operated with a skeleton crew with everyone maintaining as much physical distance as possible and wearing masks at all times behind camera.

We were very thankful that we made it through the entire shoot without anyone getting sick, though we were certainly all ready for a much needed break after the marathon week!

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